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Also known as the Galactic Chakra. This chakra spins strongly in an anti-clockwise direction and opens the right side of the brain which is concerned with thought processing.


It is one of the returning chakras which are very important at the moment, as there is much to understand if we are to save the planet as we know it.

It is the chakra that 'downloads' spiritual information and brings spiritual understanding. Brings knowledge of karma, karmic patterns and the evolution of the soul. It translates the spiritual so that it can be understood on the physical plane. This could be termed the web of existence. It is similar to the world wide web of information that we access through our computers, but a spiritual version.


Indigenous cultures globally are familiar with the causal chakra energy. The Aborigines and Shamen of the Americas connect it to 'the dreaming'.

This Source energy does not have a denomination of a particular religion... just a faith of some sort.  Like the simple awareness and knowledge that seasons will change regardless, and flowers will grow, sending out leaves and petals, even though they may be crushed by something as simple as an errant footfall or heavy rain. They still have the faith to grow with their roots in Mother Earth and the light from the Father Sun.




Positive potential

Facilitating connection to the web of light/wisdom encompassing Mother Earth. This cream contains a unique synergy of unusual essential oils of an exceptionally high vibration, helping to raise your personal vibration.


Using it daily enables access to information that is now coming in at this higher frequency.


When connected...we "just know"'s amazing!

Colour: Shimmering Iridescent

Location: 12cm above head


Crystal: Apophylite, Herkimer Diamonds

Keyword: Connection