Your entire body totally re-builds itself in less than two years through natural cell regeneration!

  • 98% in less than one year

  • A new brain in one year

  • Blood in four months

  • Skeleton in three months

  • DNA in two months

  • Liver in six weeks

  • Skin in one month

  • Stomach lining in five days

Ask yourself the question:

“Why am I still creating the same body?"

Take a close look at your body. Are there any areas of

your body that are either overly large or small?

Is there a layer of protective fat in places that is hard to shift?

If you do, then these are areas where you are feeling challenged and vulnerable energetically - your body is responding to the vulnerability of the area.

Our mind controls our body and all of its processes. Give yourself permission to heal. You are a reflection of your thoughts.


Holistic healthcare simply suggests that if you can maintain an open mind, even old injuries can heal. Miracles can happen when this thought process is applied.


MinD/Body connection

Example 1: Your mouth will water at the thought of your favourite meal if it's described to you when you are hungry, you don't even need to see or smell it for this to happen. This salivation is an established 'Pavlovian' response... a physical reaction to a simple thought!

Example 2: Embarrassment causes the physical response of the face flushing in a blush.

Example 3: Many sexual thoughts provoke a physical response.

You decide what ideas to accept and which to reject. You decide what to think, and you decide what to feel. If these decisions leave you stressed, then you may develop symptoms in certain areas of your body. When the issues are left unacknowledged, dis-comfort becomes dis-ease which in turn becomes disease.

This can also apply to inherited conditions. Our parents have been an influence to us but we can choose how to respond.