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If you like the colour red, or have a tendency to hold weight around your hips and thighs, or have hard skin around the heels of your feet then this chakra is definitely indicated for on!

This is our will to survive, and the first chakra to develop when we are very young (0-2 years). It's about finding our feet, discovering where we come from and with which 'tribe' we associate ourselves; our individuality, learning to be responsible for ourselves, being grounded.

It is indicated in cases of adoption, abandonment or if you come from a home where the parents have split up or divorced.

If this chakra is out of balance, all the others wobble also. Think of it as a foundation stone, it should be checked regularly to make sure that it is a secure base.


Are you liking the colour red? Chances are you are blocked here at the moment. (Smell the cream to see if you are needy in this area. If you like the aroma then use it).

Symptoms of imbalance here may manifest as inability to sleep well (tired and unrefreshed on waking), regularly remembering dreams, varicose veins (legs), lower body circulatory problems (tingling feelings in the arms and legs - see also heart/throat chakras), puritus, haemorrhoids, piles, constipation, prostate problems, skeletal/bone/teeth problems, vaginal/prostate disorders, IBS, colic and knee problems.


On a psychological level, patterns of self-destruction, depression and feelings of isolation and not being 'at home' or safe, and feeling constantly tired, 'floaty' and disconnected. All addictions suggest a base chakra imbalance: alcohol, cigarettes, drugs (prescribed and un-prescribed), sexual addiction, chocolate etc.



Positive potential

The oils in this synergy are exceptionally grounding. They help us to sink our roots and feel grounded, stable, safe, more at peace/relaxed and secure.


All symptoms can be released.


We may recognise past life vibrational patterns, which it may be necessary to learn from. They in-still wisdom and open and elevate the mind. They also calm, stabilize, and dispel nervous anxiety often caused by mental overactivity, insecurity and shyness. Sleep Better! Base chakra cream is often called 'sleep cream' because although it doesn't contain soporific oils, it makes one feel safe enough to 'let go' when we're tired to be able to sleep deeply and restoratively.


Apply before bed and sleep peacefully.


Colour: Red

Location: Between hips & knees

Planet: Saturn

Crystal: Hermatite

Bach Remedy: Oak