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Hi, I'm a therapist and a medical intuitive. I work vibrationally, multi-dimensionally within the quantum field and that of my clients.


I believe that we will continue to evolve on every level, from the global to the personal.


Here’s my take on how to harness these changes which can be the bright new start you have been waiting for.

Cosmically, this is a time of restructuring on every level. Everything is evolving so quickly now. You’ll notice differences in your friends, family, technology, passwords and contacts. Your clothes, body, work, health, lifestyle, information and technology will all feel and look different now. Nothing will be the same as it was. In fact, everything is being upgraded, like it or not.

You can choose to surf the waves of change with grace, or you can struggle and resist.


The choice is always yours as to how you react to every occurrence in your life.

We’re all being forced out of our comfort zones and into facing all of our greatest fears. This can be an extremely positive time of new beginnings both personally and globally. Governments, socio and economic structure is shifting fast, along with the planet itself with huge weather and frequency changes. As the old collapses, the new upgraded (the Earth's magnetic polarity is shifting and the Schumann resonance of the planet is changing radically and measurably) the upgraded version will be taking its place growing from the ashes Phoenix-like! Fear nothing: There is nothing to fear except fear itself. Change can rock us but it can also open many new doors and pathways to bliss and joy. This is the time to transform; the time to shine your light, simply because you can.


It’s time to re-programme your life: Your life is a reflection of what lies inside you, as you change, so does the outward manifestation of your being.

I work with frequencies, dimensions balancing the natural vibrational energy within the body and all its fields (physical, emotional, mental, auric), concentrating on the relief of stress and assisting in dissolving energy and chakra blockages in order to promote natural healing.


I use psychoneuroimmunology in all my treatments. This is a field of mind/body medicine which looks at how our health can be determined by our emotional and psychological state, and by negative thought patterns. Acting as an interpreter, I am grateful to be guided spiritually, facilitating amazing results. Having been a healer for many lifetimes I am able draw upon that accumulated knowledge daily.

My spiritual guidance team work with me. We trust that all healing is from the highest source for the highest good of all. Now that we are working dimensionally, I am able to offer Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Messenger and telephone consultations / healing sessions.


The Raise Your Vibration courses that I share have been evolving over the past decade and are now multi-dimensional and available in 7 levels. These will soon be available online. Level 1 is now being taught in Mexico and Portugal.


I discovered the powerful use of essential plant oils after my daughter was born in 1992. I have her to thank for redirecting my path and focusing it on professional healing. I have learned much and am still learning!

Like many of you, I prefer not to take tablets too often, as they all have side-effects of some sort. I wanted to explore the safer, more natural alternatives for myself and my family. I find them to be more powerful and without the negative effects. I trained with ITEC (International Therapy Education Council) studying anatomy & physiology, body massage and aromatherapy and the IGPP (International Guild for Professional Practitioners).

Since those early days, I have continued my training, studying with various teachers and some wonderful body-workers around the world: osteopaths, cranio-osteopaths, naturopaths, and also with healers from indigenous cultures (Mexico, Native American Indian, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Hawaii). I am also a qualified teacher and have been sharing the Munay-Ki Rites with small groups since 2011.

Over the years, I've been lucky enough to learn some amazing bodywork techniques which often result in immediate pain relief and general realignment. Grateful for this knowledge, I am now able to bring these techniques into my treatments and also share the skills with others on my workshops.

The creams are channelled and started to come through in 1995, beginning with the first 7 chakras and progressing to over 30 products. At this point I sent some to Caroline Myss PhD, who described them as "wonderful", and approved and encouraged me to expand the range. They are medicine for the 5th dimension and beyond and are here to help us bring our bodies through the current vibrational dimensional shift, which is upgrading us from 2-12 strand DNA, as we were in the Golden years of Atlantis.


We are Raising our Vibrations in order to transmit more light, becoming more crystalline and releasing the carbon-based matrix in favour of the diamond light body. A completely unique process.

The Soul Harmony range has been featured in many magazines and publications since I had my first article published on the subject of "Back care" in the New Vision Magazine (July/August 2008). Since then, we have been in many publications as I am writing much more about the planetary shift and how it affects us. Harrods gave our Ultimate Stress Relief Cream 13/15 stars! I now write regular blogs and articles for 'Holistic Therapist' and 'Positive Health' magazines .

Kinesiologists all over the world use all the creams with their clients, to balance the electro-magnetic circuits of the body in their practices. In the UK they are recommended to all students during their training, by the London School of Kinesiology.

I have worked with professional international sportsmen and women in the UK, Europe, Canada and USA, in motor and powerboat racing (where the accidents are usually quite dramatic), providing pain relief on site. I remain grateful for my journey and teachers. 

UPDATE in 2020:
Everything I do involves ceremony these days. I now offer space and auric clearances (energetic). For more information, see our personal sessions page or call me on 07710 994432

Thank you for perusing my site. I hope you find some of the information helpful.

Much Munay and Ayni


Sarah xxx