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Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop Therapy

This is such a releasing and effective treatment involving a series of nine very strong and very pure essential oils being dripped onto the spine in a special sequence.

This is combined with particular massage techniques which facilitate remarkable results and healing. We have seen huge shifts and improvement in those who have experienced it.

Benefits include spinal re-alignment release of trapped nerves, release of toxins from central nervous system, boost to energy levels, strengthens immune system, pain relief and release of muscular tension. 

Overview: Specific massage techniques and powerful essential oils are concentrated on the spine raindrop style, freeing up 'stuck' congested and misaligned areas, hence promoting natural energy flow and realignment.

"I have seen an 'established' scholiosis ('s' shaped spine) removed in one treatment in a lady in her late 70s. Her husband couldn't believe how tall she was!"  Sarah Williams

Improved general health: clearing of emotional, viral and bacterial issues that we all hold in the spinal tissue usually only emerging at times when we are feeling low.

Clarity and a sense of wellbeing: everyone who has experienced this treatment has said..."Wow, I feel fantastic!" as they get off the couch!

Note: Practitioners have noticed that clients increase in height post treatment by as much as 2cm. This is achieved by the release of the effects of gravitational compression on the spine. As flow in nerves and arteries, passing between the vertebrae of the spine, are positively affected, the benefit to the entire body is obvious and often dramatic.

"I felt fantastic after my Raindrop therapy with Sarah. I had to adjust my rear view mirror in my car, as I was taller at the end!" SG Hants. 

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