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19-20 January 2019 - Raise Your Vibration (Advanced) RV3

Price: £170.00




Manifest your bliss!

This new advanced RV3 course is the next stage of development for those who have completed the first 2 Raise your Vibration courses. We will be focusing on further personal development, positive manifestation of a better life and better conditions, progressive healthcare and meditation, vibrational healing, energy clearance and the importance of mindfulness in daily life. We will be working with the Angelic realms and Ascended Masters as well as our own spiritual guidance teams. This will be a small group so please register your interest early.

Course objectives:

  • To enhance your sense of awareness of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience.
  • To refine the balance and attunement of your expanded chakra system and aura.
  • To upgrade your DNA and merkabah
  • To enable you to make effective use of vibrational healing tools and meditation.
  • To enable the achievement of peace and living mindfully.
  • To re-discover your Divine I AM presence.
  • To shift your emotional body and further raise your vibration as we move further into the 5th dimension and beyond.
  • To refine your powers of manifestation ( life changing! )

Venue: Bedhampton, Havant, Hampshire UK

January 2019

Saturday 19 January - 10am-5pm

Sunday 20 January  - 10am-5pm

Investment £170 (14 study hours cpd)

Non-refundable deposit of £40 confirms your place. Balance payable by 31 December 2019.

Light refreshments and warm drinks provided. Please bring a light vegetarian lunch. Bring a notepad and wear snuggly layers for your comfort during meditations.