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Stellar Gate - 15ml

Price: £22.00


Soul Harmony Chakra Balancing - STELLAR GATE

Spiritual connection

Dramatic effects! This complex cream brings, deeper sleep and aids meditation. It strengthens divine connection, and on real time AuraVision we watch chevrons of light enter through the upper chakras and then the crown into our physical body. It helps to balance all chakras from Third Eye upwards and leaves the energy around the head vibrant and pulsing… as has been shown on real time Kirlian imagery. This is the chakra that connects us to the Source/God/Godhead/Universal energy. It reminds us that we are all one. We are intimately connected. Be aware of thoughts as they radiate out and affect others. For example, a smile to another creates warmth and another smile. Anger creates more anger and fear in others, which will continue on, the ripple effect; EVERY action has a reaction. Balance is the key

Chakra Location: 20cm above head [ chakra details ]
Physical: Persistant tiredness/exhaustion, mental disorders, improves sleep quality.
Psychological: Encourages clarity,relaxation.
Spiritually: Aid for meditation,and nocturnal soul journeying,whilst encouraging the body to rest peacefully and recharge.
Note: Do not use if pregnant
Connected toEarth Star Chakra
Keyword: Meditation
Planet: Inter-planetary
Crystal: Clear Quartz, Mercabite Calcite
Colour: Magenta/Gold
Application: Apply to neck and/or wrists twice daily or as required

"This cream really helps my husband lie still at night during sleep, instead of disturbing me whilst acting out his dreams. Thank goodness for a peaceful night. I always know when he has forgotton to apply it!" TA Hants.

"These creams are awesome and have put them on clients, horses, and dogs...just wonderful. thanks so much for sharing your gift." N.W. USA