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Current body changes and remedies

 These changes are global NOW. You WILL be experiencing a large percentage of them. Don’t panic, they will pass. Just keep drinking water and resting as much as possible. Getting into nature and moderate sun /moon bathing will also help.

Doctors and old paradigm health professionals will not have the tools to deal with them. The Soul Harmony Chakra balancing creams and physical support creams have been channelled specifically for this ascension process and will help. They are made with essential oils and LOVE and can be used all together 2 daily for maximum benefit. You will become more sensitive to old paradigm medication with increased side effects.

 Spine: lower back aches and pains/ nervous system upgrading ( Base/sacral chakra creams and Nervous system support cream)

 Skull: changing shape ( elongating), numbness, back of head deep itchiness/irritation new nerves growing through small pinholes which are appearing at occiput( alta major) ( Alta major and nervous system support cream)

Jaw/teeth : getting larger and moving forward. Dental issues, massage relieves discomfort. (Base chakra cream)

Dizziness/vertigo: dis-orientation high pitched sounds in ears ( Cosmic and Third eye chakra creams)

Hearing: feeling like you are slightly deaf/in a bubble ( throat/ cosmic and third eye creams)

Senses: upgrading hearing/vision/touch/taste will all become more sensitive.( nervous system support cream)

Kidneys: moving downwards, getting smaller. All kidney issues and deepest FEARS arising ( kidney support cream)

Liver: getting smaller and higher/ deep ache in right side of waist/abdomen/hormonal changes/sudden ANGER issues arising ( Liver Support Cream and throat chakra cream)

Lungs: getting smaller and rising to Thymic/higher heart area/coughs, immune/auto-immune system issues, palpitations, all heart issues and blood pressure changes  You will experience deep grief arising. A deeper sense of “feelings” of love and compassion. Tears and laughter. Allow both to flow freely. ( heart,thymic and throat chakra balancing creams)

Eyes/vision: physically changing, beginning to see multi-dimensionally/ 3D vison deterioration ( Alta Major chakra cream)

Skin: dry, scaly, thinning and extremities  looking translucent, papery and itchy. Strange rashes suddenly appearing ( solar plexus)

Pineal/pituitary: hormonal changes hot/cold flashes ( Third eye/Crown chakra creams and Nervous system support cream)

Tiredness and lethargy . Absolute need to rest and switch off as we reboot our systems

Strong dreams: vivid and emotional ( Soul Star/ causal chakra creams)

Dry itchy eyes: especially at 8-10pm .. ( alta major chakra cream)

Extreme thirst: water not seeming to touch the sides…. keep drinking as we recalibrate to crystalline structures and move away from carbon based beings.

Depression and mood swings: (Star child, Soul Star and Earth star chakra creams)

Digestive issues: as gut changes you will be drawn to eat differently. Listen to your intuition. ( Solar plexus chakra balancing cream)

Our bodies are changing fast now, restructuring. Eat cleanly, avoid fast foods and processed foods. Light veggie dishes and salads are best.

Don’t worry, this will all pass. There is nothing to fear but fear, walk through that and liberation is a beautiful reward! 

With love ,  Sarah 

Lightworker, ascension guide, healer 

 (gratitude to image by unknown artist, happy to credit if anyone can identify) 

Sarah Williams

I discovered the powerful use of essential plant oils after my daughter was born. I have her to thank for redirecting my path and focusing it on professional healing. Now 25years old, she is a great healer herself!  I have learned much and am still learning!

Like many of you, I prefer not to take tablets too often, as they all have side-effects of some sort. I wanted to explore the safer, more natural alternatives for myself and my family. I find them to be more powerful and without the negative effects. Nature provides all we need.

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