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Positive Healthy upgrading tools : November blog

Nervous system support is so helpful for the physical body now Nervous system support is so helpful for the physical body now

Responding to Anxiety and Stress – Evolving Ascension Tools 

by Sarah Williams from a recent article published by Positive Health. 

Ultimate Stress Relief cream was reviewed by Holistic Therapist magazine in 2012 and given 13/15 star rating


Are you feeling woolly headed, partially deaf, dizzy, nauseous? Is your tummy doing odd things?  Are you having crazy dreams and difficulty sleeping?

Its ok.. these feelings are pretty global right now! You aren't "breaking" you are likely to be ascending through the dimensional frequencies of 3D to 5D.


3D = fear

4D = time, karma and fear 

5D = Bliss , joy, instant manifestation, dance song and fun. 


We are moving swiftly into a whole new world of bliss, joy, instant manifestation, relaxation and peace. This is known as 5d or the fifth dimension. In order to achieve this state we are passing through veils of fear, change , instant karma and questioning everything that we have ever been told. Our bodies are changing frequency. We are vibrational brings and in order to heal we must consider frequency and vibration as keys to good health and powerful healing( just as Tesla and Einstein always said). 


These 2 creams team up to form a useful and effective support as we progress through all ascension symptoms. 


Kit: Nervous System Support  and Ultimate Stress Relief blend together creating a perfect harmony. 


Ultimate Stress Relief Cream: Balances and supports our adrenal glands located atop the kidneys.

Our adrenals can adjust the normal hormonal balance in our bodies via the blood and nervous system, as we naturally turn up the cortisol hormone in order to instruct the body to behave in such a way that will facilitate us to cope with challenging situations. Blood is redirected from normal areas of the body i.e. digestive tract, guiding it towards the sensory organs and muscles in a typical ‘fight or flight’ response.

Effective ways to alleviate stress and anxiety are meditation, breathing deeply and practising mindfulness. Where you feel the stress in your body depends on why you feel it and the emotional reaction you are having to any stressful situation – the science known as psycho-neuro immunology. The body mind connection harnesses messages activated by sunlight and sent via the nervous systems. These neural pathways now require additional support.


The Shift from Carbon base to Crystalline Structure bodies


Have you been wondering lately why you seem so tired - almost to the point of exhaustion, or feeling irritable, angry, lonely, sad, frustrated, or all of the above, and you can’t figure out why?
Have you been asking yourself why you’re behaving in ways, or feeling things, that don’t seem to fit with who you know yourself to be, or that just don’t make any sense?

Has your dietary choice changed? 


Since 2012, our bodies have been going through a very unique experience which includes become less carbon based and increasingly silica or crystalline. This is due to the new light codes coming from our sun which in turn is affecting and upgrading our DNA which commenced in earnest on 28th September 2015.
It all has to do with the light energy that’s penetrating us, our cells, dna, our world, and everything on it, easing us into the new world and a new way of being. So you could say that it isn’t just Nova (new)Earth we’re building, it’s Nova (new)Human as well. Our bodies are literally evolving from carbon based to silicon based activated by the suns new light codes!  It takes heat, fluid and pressure to facilitate this process. hence the nervous system needs support as our temperatures fluctuate. We must also stay hydrated and rest a lot! 
(On the periodic table the elements of carbon and silicon are not that far apart).

The old laws of physics have long been replaced by quantum physics and string theory.

Welcome to the ascension process; the symptoms are listed on my news pages:


Common Ascension Symptoms


1- Feeling as though you are in a pressure cooker or intense energy or stress;

2- Old patterns and behaviours are being pushed to the surface for release. This can increase feelings of fear.
Anxiety, panic, and feelings of hysteria and are all indications that you are on overload. Rest and recharge are the best plan now. Get into nature, sleep , meditate and give yourself a break!


It’s not what happens but how we choose to respond to the changes. We can remind ourselves to be positive and check out the creams available on my website along with all the other vibrational tools there.. many free ones , to enable a smoother transition. Visualize your most perfect outcome and manifest away to your blissful hearts desires.


I write and teach much more about this and share personal Skype FaceTime and FB pages providing you with more information and tools to cope . Free readings are currently available to my guests here from the link on the homepage. Please include your full name so that I can tune into your frequency. 

Sarah Williams

I discovered the powerful use of essential plant oils after my daughter was born. I have her to thank for redirecting my path and focusing it on professional healing. Now 25years old, she is a great healer herself!  I have learned much and am still learning!

Like many of you, I prefer not to take tablets too often, as they all have side-effects of some sort. I wanted to explore the safer, more natural alternatives for myself and my family. I find them to be more powerful and without the negative effects. Nature provides all we need.

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