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Total Balance - 50ml

Price: £85.00


Soul Harmony Chakra Balancing - TOTAL BALANCE

Diamond synergy

The DIAMOND of all the creams. This is a powerfully effective and complex blend containing 41 different essential oils. It is a balancing and attuning cream for 15 chakras (9 inbody and 6 auric). One-stop complete balance and healing when you’re too busy to think about which creams to apply. This works in a complex multi-level way dissolving energetic blockages and restoring a healing stasis to your entire chakra energy system. It is a great all round restorative and preventative.

Physical: Maintenance of good health,general wellbeing, great for holidays, travelling, balancing entire system, promoting total healing
Psychological: All levels. Totally restorative
Spiritually: One-stop balancing!
Note: Do not use if pregnant
Planet: Inter-universal
Crystal: Pure White
Application: Apply to wrists twice daily or as required

"Sarah's healing Chakra synergies and amazing depth of holistic knowledge together with her amazing touch has made me feel balanced, grounded and revitalised after each treatment. I love to use the total balance cream on my clients. I know they will be totally balanced and feeling fantastic if I do so. I am privileged to be able to take my massage to a new dimension by using her chakra synergies in my treatments and therefore helping even more people." C.B Hampton

"Total Balance is the best thing to take travelling or on holiday. We wouldn't be without it!" H and J. Hants

"I put the Total Balance cream on about 1/2 hour before I sent out a channeled healing, when I put it on it felt as tho 'all of me' lined up.." Nancy USA.