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Throat - 50ml

Price: £30.00


Soul Harmony Chakra Balancing - THROAT

Clear communication

This chakra is about communication, both talking and listening. It is also about our reaction to responsibility/communication, both physical and emotional. It relates to our willpower, learning to make choices, whether to be honest or dishonest. The oils in this blend facilitate communication... it has been said that this cream "saves marriages". Apply before an important meeting, conversation, exam, interview, or performance. In fact, any tricky situation... it facilitates AMAZING results! The throat chakra also acts as a vent to release heavy/negative emotion from the energy system. For instance, unexpressed anger settles in the liver, grief in the lungs and guilt in the heart. Using the throat cream helps to gently vent these to facilitate good healthy organs. It is a key part of your toolkit.

Chakra Location: Throat [ chakra details ]
Physical: Neck and shoulder pain/immobility, throat infections of all types, headaches, goitre, weight issues
Psychological: Self expression/communication (verbal and creatively), feelings of responsibility. Difficulty in communicating honestly and clearly from the heart
Spiritually: This is the point of manifesting onto the earth plane/matrix.We use our will and our voice and our intent to create.
Note: Do not use if pregnant
Connected to: Sacral Chakra, Heart chakra and Liver Support
Sanscrit Name: Vishudda
Keyword: manifestation
Planet: Mercury
Crystal: Sodalite/Blue Lace Agate
Colour: Sky Blue
Bach Remedy: Clematis, Chestnut bud
Application: Apply to backs of hands and/or throat twice daily

"I had a sore throat and a stiff neck, and thought I was going down with something.... I put on some of the Throat Chakra Balancing cream and by next day my neck felt better and the sore throat disappeared! It was truly amazing." MP. Chidham. W Sussex.

"I used the throat cream on Saturday night and again on Sunday morning cos I loved the smell, had a bit of 'a throat' and always have problems saying what I need to emotionally. Well, on Sunday morning I went to church as usual and as usual robed up in the vestry for the choir and had a discussion with a few of the girls about changing from soprano to alto, because after a really bad chest and throat problem at xmas, I've just not been able to hit those higher notes with any power, but knew that I still had power in the lower range. It was decided that I'd give it a go after a few lessons. WELL, there's just no need for that because I sang like a bird and I just can't believe it. It can only be the cream that's done it cos i've been trying everything from throat sweets to ventolin inhalers!!!! It's pure magic!! Mia V. Surrey