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Star Child - 15ml

Price: £15.00


Soul Harmony Chakra Balancing - STAR CHILD

Energise & meditation

This chakra is the link to our star family, our un-incarnated soul group who, given the opportunity, will cradle, support and guide us during our journey. All we need to do is ask for forgiveness, guidance and protection (daily). Encourages complete trust, love and tranquility, dispels loneliness and fear. This cream is an ideal tool for meditation and yoga. When we stimulate this chakra, we become restored and regenerated; we open a healing/ communication channel (one that often becomes blocked). This blend re-opens the pathway and restores clarity, cleaning away emotional debris, which can cloud our vision and hinder our spiritual progress.

Chakra Location: 5cm above head [ chakra details ]
Physical: Exhaustion, Multiple Sclerosis, M.E., headaches, tiredness
Psychological: Mental disorientation/disturbance
Spiritually: Lack of faith, fear, feelings of isolation
Note: Do not use if pregnant
Connected to: Earth Star Chakra
Planet: Sun
Crystal: Rutilated Quartz
Colour: Silver/Gold
Application: Apply to neck and/or wrists twice daily or as required

"This is a funny story. My 12-yr old son saw my creams and scoffed, particularly at the ones called "Cosmic", "Soul Star" and "Earth Star." He said, "C'mon, seriously Mom??" So I opened the Star Child jar to let him smell it, and he immediately smiled a HUGE smile and said, "Mmmmm, that smells SO good!!!" He welcomed me putting it on him, and he was eager to smell and use all the others too!!! (I have 8 or 9). He really liked almost all the creams or he couldn't smell them. He cheerfully let me apply them on his wrists!!!! (There was only one that he didn't like, and he thought it was cool that he didn't like/need one.) I just had to tell you this story. For a 12-yr old boy to change his attitude so quickly is amazing. Thank you!!!" H.Adams California.