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Solar Plexus - 50ml

Price: £30.00



Digestion & self esteem

This is to do with our ego and self esteem. It is also inner radiance, self-confidence, humour. It is the point of digestion on all levels, whether it is nourishment in the form of food, or an idea/situation. Solar Plexus is a good starting point for your personal collection (toolkit), the oils in this cream dispel self-criticism, lighten the heart and refresh the spirit. This cream may be likened to your own personal internal ball of sunshine, radiating warmth and brightness, especially important during the darker months of winter.

Chakra Location: Upper stomach ( chakra details )
Physical: Digestive disorders, bloating, IBS, absorption problems, hiatus hernia/ulcers, spleen & blood disorders, diabetes, gall bladder, middle back and liver problems, S.A.D (sunlight deficiency disorder), and skin problems/eruptions
Psychological: Indicated if there is low self-esteem, depression, feeling drained and vulnerable
Note: Do not use if pregnant
Connected to: Third Eye
Sanscrit Name: Manipura
Planet: Sun
Crystal: Citrine
Colour: Yellow
Bach Remedy: Larch
Herbal Supplement: Rhodiola
Application: Apply to wrists and/or stomach twice daily or as required