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Heart - 15ml

Price: £15.00


Soul Harmony Chakra Balancing - HEART

Love & forgiveness

This is the point of unconditional love for others and ourselves. If you can't love yourself, then another cannot truly love you. The essential oils in this cream are sumptuous! They work on a deeply powerful level supporting the heart energy, allowing self-love, touching ourinner-child, helping to bring inner peace and joy. You'll need this cream when you feel unlovable, unloved, or when you've been hurt, especially emotionally. It also helps you release old anger and pain, facilitating a huge shift forwards on a soul level. In order to fully heal the heart needs a "vent" and that is the balanced throat chakra.

Chakra Location: Chest [ chakra details ]
Physical: Asthma, breathing difficulties, heart problems/irregularities, pneumonia, lung/breast issues and cancer, high cholesterol, high or low blood pressure, mastitis, breast cysts, pain between shoulder blades and tingling in arms/hands
Psychological: Forgiveness, unconditional love of all including self. Unexpressed grief and resentment. Holding grudges, anger, hatred, greed, envy.
Spiritually: Unconditional love. Trust
Note: Use in conjunction with Throat Chakra balancing cream for best results. Do not use if pregnant
Connected to: Alta Major and Throat Chakra
Sanscrit Name: Anahata
Planet: Mars/VenusCrystal: Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Hiddenite
Colour: Pink/Green
Bach Remedy: Pine, centaury, holly
Herbal Supplement: ginseng
Application: Apply to wrists and chest twice daily or as required

"I met you and saw your stall a couple of years ago in Brighton at the CAM show. I have been using the heart chakra cream and have had really powerful experiences that have astounded me. I am not otherwise tuned into such forces/energies in my life, but when I use your cream I feel a spiritual fire come over my body, from the heart chakra. It is very beautiful and I sincerely thank you for bringing these gifts to the world."

"I received the creams yesterday and so just wanted to say thanks and to let you know that I love them, they smell gorgeous. The Heart Chakra cream I put on my chest and wrists, I instantly felt calm and joy, happiness. Wow! I kept getting lovely wafts of it! I only applied a little bit to make them last longer but this is fine as they're rich and a little bit seems to go on and blend well. I also put some on before bed and it was lovely to drift off to sleep with that aroma! Definitely will order more." LM.Hants