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Alta Major - 50ml

Price: £30.00


Soul Harmony Chakra Balancing - ALTA MAJOR

Vision & clairvoyance

This is linked to the occipital area of the brain, which is connected to the optic nerve and is related to vision, spiritually and physically. When balanced, it gives us the ability to see the spiritual big picture; how this part of your life fits in with the whole of your life. It enhances intuitive ideas and somehow makes them more solid, tangible and achievable. This is also a working point for those who are telepathically gifted. This cream clears the pathways to direct connection with the subconscious, whilst instilling faith, courage and awareness. The oils encourage calm, acceptance, patience, perseverance, inner strength and awareness. They may also induce attunement, vivid dreams and clairvoyance.The alta major chakra is sometimes known as the "zeal point" and has been described as a 5th dimensional chakra,some say it vibrates on the colour of magenta. I suggest you use your own experience and intuition to explore this area.

Chakra Location: Back of head [ chakra details ]
Physical: eye vision problems, migraine, headaches (back of head), feeling "wobbly", blurred vision.
Psychological: Feelings of confusion, "floatiness",dizziness, loss of sense of purpose, depression 
Spiritually: Enhances clairvoyance 
Note: Do not use if pregnant
Connected to: HeartSoul StarCausal & Third Eye Chakras
Planet: Jupiter
Crystal: Emerald
Colour: Green
Application: Apply to neck and/or wrists twice daily or as required

"I had a huge tension at the back of my head and top of neck which made me feel really agitated and dizzy. My vision was odd...sometimes double, and when I turned my head it seemed to take time to refocus my eyes, a horrible feeling and disorientating too. I was starting to really worry about my sight. Admittedly, I was feeling very tense about life in general, with lots of family and work stresses. I saw the alta major cream online and decided to give it a try. The tension released, my eyes felt normal again and I couldn't believe how quickly this happened once I started to apply the cream twice a day. Now I use it whenever I feel a whisper of tension at the back of my head/neck. It was such a relief to realise that I wasn't losing my eyesight! Thank you so much." Melanie W