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Balance your Chakras

Welcome, here you will find 135 pages of information related to health and wellbeing and the expanded chakra system. As beings, we are simply a vibrational expression of energy which responds to other vibrations of energy. The chakra person here shows the locations in the body and aura of the 18 major chakras (valves) that we use.

Find the coloured dot that is closest to your area of pain / discomfort / concern.... this will guide you to a solution. There are hundreds of chakras joined together by nadis (energy connecting lines) and connected to the nervous system at the plexuses. Emotion is directly hot-wired to health at these points. The 18 shown on this site are the most important ones. If you need more guidance, simply click on the blue bar above to get a free reading from Sarah.

Once you have found the chakras that are dis-affecting your wellbeing, you can shop for the associated chakra balancing creams. All the products here have been channelled from Spirit and are made with love in England. They carry the vibration of "Love and Gratitude" and are available in two sizes. You only need a little, which will work within seconds to dissolve any blockages allowing the body to heal itself.

The results are amazing with these little pots of power! Try for yourself.


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Unique opportunity to heal yourself in UK in 2 weeks time!

Unique opportunity to heal yourself in UK in …

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Current body changes and remedies

Current body changes and remedies

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There is a huge shift going on globally..have…

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Bubble Cleanse meditation

Bubble Cleanse meditation

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Enlighten your Soul ( Tibetan teachings in UK)

Enlighten your Soul ( Tibetan teachings in UK…

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March update

March update

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